Bagnaia possesses “no response” for expensive MotoGP high speed crash in Germany

It’s hard for ducati’s Francesco Bagnaia to find an explanation for the accident caused by his crash at the German Grand Prix in 2022.

At Turn 1, his Ducati rear came around on him, which caused him to fall out of last weekend’s Sachsenring race.

As a result of this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix in Assen, he is 91 points behind competition leader Fabio Quartararo,  who won his third day of the season in Germany.

During the crash, Bagnaia was unable to explain it, and said Thursday at Assen he still has no idea what happened.

When asked if he had found the reason for the crash in Germany, he replied, “No, just because the data cannot help you understand it.”

However, the only thing I tried to do was be more critical and think about the situation.

The only thing we discovered was that it’s more likely to crash at this speed.

As you can see from the data, nothing came out of that crash, so this was the only thing that emerged from it.

I went into my box after the Le Mans crash to apologize to everyone, since it was my fault.

The crash has been so different this time around that I spent the day trying to figure out why I crashed on Monday, but I couldn’t figure it out.


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