Max Verstappen was “unhappy” to be publicly humiliated by fans after qualifying second in Sunday’s British Grand Prix behind Carlos Sainz.


Although some British fans dislike him, the world champion is determined not to let it affect his weekend. During a controversial race in Abu Dhabi last year, he won his first title after a bitter match against local favorite Lewis Hamilton.


He made a joke about it later: “I couldn’t understand Billy’s message.”
After the Silverstone event on Thursday night, Billy Monger interviewed him, and the audience booed him much louder than they should have.
They can yell if they want to.It’s a beautiful track, and there’s usually a good vibe around here, so I’m always delighted to be here.


Perhaps some people don’t admire me; everyone has a right to their own perspectives.”


Hamilton, who collided with Verstappen dramatically at this event last season, pleaded with spectators to quit yelling at the Red Bull driver following Saturday’s reaction from the fans.

We’re superior than that, in my opinion.We don’t have to boo, in my perception, he stated.


We have incredible fans.They pick up on various emotions.But I don’t really like yelling.We do not need to take that action.


What we should be doing is bringing everyone here.The assistance I’ve received here is extremely appreciated.In certain circumstances, they may still be suffering from the agony of last year.In any case, I’m thankful.


Toto Wolff, team manager for Mercedes, shared this sentiment, saying: “I think there shouldn’t be any trash talking in either sports, I think that’s poor sportsmanship.”


It’s obvious that we appreciate the team’s and the facility’s support for the drivers; it’s wonderful.But keep quiet if you don’t like the other players.


Regardless of what happened the year before or the quality of the competition,  no driver deserves to be publicly humiliated.


Although Verstappen had been the clear favorite to win the pole for Sunday’s race, the heavy weather hindered his performance. His amazing recovery led to him finishing less than a tenth behind Sainz after wheeling out on one flying lap.


Despite the fact that he had to lift during a yellow flag on his final lap, he is certain that Sunday’s weather will be substantially drier.

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